Youtube gamers

Hi guys.
I have been pretty quiet lately. Ok so I dont post that often anyways, but I had intended to post a bit more this year and it hasnt happened, mainly because I have returned to studying through Open Universities Australia and my spare time is taken up with my studies and then my wind-down time and sleep. :D
BUT in that wind-down time I have started watching a lot of videos of Youtube Gamers.

The first one I discovered was Markiplier. I had friends on Tumblr who occassionally reposted stuff about him so eventually I went to Wikipedia to find out who he was.
While there I remember it mentioned Drunk MInecraft so when I finally went to his Youtube Channel thats the first thing I looked for to watch.
I mainly chose those videos to start because I had just started playing Minecraft myself so I thought it might be entertaining and I might learn something about the game.
This video of LatinGoddess – one of the owners of the Vox Populi Minecraft server going after Mark because he was being a douche is one of the best ever – I now play on the server just because Latin is my hero! :D

I definately found Mark entertaining and his friends were fun too. So I ended up watching many other random videos of his which lead me to a few other chaps who he does collab videos with.

Now, thanks to Markiplier, I also regularly am watching videos of his friend Wade aka LordMinion777, jacksepticeye (I think I like him more than Markiplier now…he is just so fun and adorbs….and that cute lil irish accent!!) and cute lil yamimash.

I like playing video games but I usually play open ended games (Sims, Animal Crossing), or if I do play other games I rarely complete them. Lets not talk about my Guild Wars 2 obsession last year.

Watching these videos has introduced me to a lot of games I would like to play. But also ones I have had fun just watching the guys play – I would never play Five Nights at Freddys which is super popular with these gamers but its fun to watch them all play and go insane. :D

One game that I would never have bought myself because zombies (I HATE ZOMBIES) is The Last of Us – but I really enjoyed watching Marks series playing the entire game. It could have been a movie or tv show. It was a great story.

Another zombie one that I would have been all ‘nope’ at is Dying Light because again zombies – but the video that made me decide to subscribe to jacksepticeyes channel was this one of him playing Dying light – it looks so fun! I WANT TO PLAY IT!


I have also gotten into watching random people on Twitch TV playing games. I say I hate zombie things but I keep watching zombie filled games!!!! I love watching people streaming H1Z1 in Battle Royale mode.

Anyways, so for the last few weeks when I havent been doing my uni work I have spent MANY hours watching gaming Youtube videos. Actually stay away everyone – you will get sucked into a vortex you may never escape! :D

Whiskey goes to the beach for the first time

Did I post on here that my parents got a new dog? Her name is Whiskey and she is a bit of a doofus. She is a boxer, and her tail looks docked, but the people dad got her from claim it fell off naturally. Sure – whatever.

Anyways, on the weekend my parents went down to see some other family members and took Whiskey with them. While they were down there my aunty took some great pictures of our cutey dog frolicking on the beach. I asked if I could show some on my blog.

Whiskey at the beach
Whiskey enjoying the beach

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2013 Eastern USA (& a lil Canada) trip

2013 holiday

As usual its taken me almost a year to post my holiday photos online. I did take almost 4000……and i am queen of procrastinating so people should be grateful I did it in less than a year actually!

So my holiday was from Oct 19-Nov 20 2013. I travelled once more with my friend Grace.
Be warned – there are many pics of my fatass below the cut! Mum is always whinging I never take pics of myself on my holidays – so I tried to be in more this time….eww.
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Just hanging out next to a volcano

Diving into an Active Volcano from Sam Cossman on Vimeo.

This video is CRAZY!!
I seriously love pictures and video of lava…preferably slow moving lava…..but omg when you get the distance shot of the lil guy and the churning waves of lava are huge next to him….i would be freaking out!!!
But a part of me would still LOVE to do it!! So amazing!!!!

Tuney Tuesday: Come Back Home

So I havent done one of these forever!

I finally made an effort on the weekend to check out 2ne1s new stuff from their new album.

I am in a dilemma over this song…I really like it all except for that weird discordant thing after the chorus they do. It really annoys me!!! Its a great song apart from that!

So either i will grow to love it despite that or I wont listen to it long term…..or maybe I will get some crappy sound editing program and see how it sounds when i chop it out! I have taken such extreme measures before! :D

On Sunday I downloaded the new album Crush from iTunes and it does have an unplugged version without that annoying part of the song, but I want the normal version without the dodgy bit! Why are you so cruel to me pop-gods?

And the strange ways of kpop – they released another song a few days later called Happy. Its a cute video and a nice lil song too. :D

That was unexpected!

Ooh!! A few days ago I saw there was a comp on the Marvel Australia and New Zealand facebook page to win tickets to a preview screening of Captain America:The Winter Soldier on March 31st. Of course I entered.
AND I WON!! I was so suprised! I rarely win anything!!!

Am looking forward to it. Which friend do I love enough to want to take with me though? :D


Ooh! I can finally buy an Audrey Kawasaki print!

My lovely blog – I have neglected you again!!

I promise to blog more soon. If nothing else I need to do a massive post about my trip to the US last year. I had a 4 and a half week holiday and i have sooo many photos I still havent gone through, but if you do read my blog at all you know I take forever to do my trip reports anyway!

I am here today coz I wanna squeal with delight!!! One of my fave artists – Audrey Kawasaki – is selling a print this weekend – anyone can buy one during the sale period. I WILL FINALLY GET A PRINT OF ONE OF HER WORKS!!!
AND its payday on Friday so I wil definately have money when it goes on sale!!
i tried to bid for one I saw on ebay recently but i had limited funds and quickly got outbid. Sadness.

But loooooook – it shall be mine!!!
Maybe Tomorrow by Audrey Kawasaki


Alright enough nonsense. Hopefully my next blog post will be of substance….

Richard Armitage Popcorn Taxi Q&A


On Wednesday night there was a special screening of The Hobbit in Sydney at the Hayden Orpheum at Cremorne, and beforehand Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in the movie for those who dont know, also my crush since 2009!) was there for a talk. It was so exciting to see him in real life!!!

They rushed him out of there afterwards so we couldnt get autographs or pictures but i took a TONNE of pics during the event.

I posted the pictures over on my tumblr (they only allow 10 pictures per post), plus a lil 2 min video I took near the end. They are all under this tag on my tumblr blog, but I thought I would also post a few pictures here too! Enjoy!

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My bad

I’ve been naughty. I decided this month to pay off an extra chunk on my personal loan so it will be fully paid in a couple of months instead of like 4-5, and I had to pay the second amount I owed to my friends dad coz I bought this HUGE ASS tv from them because she was moving overseas.
So really – i shouldnt have wasted any more money. Oops.

First – one of my fave artists I have found online – Alice X. Zhang – was having a free shipping deal from her Society 6 shop this weekend on all her art. I have been eyesing so many of her pictures for so long, but I decided on 2 of her Spirited Away ones:


haku dragon

Then GODDAMNIT!! Last week sometime Ript Apparel was showing some up and coming possible tshirt designs on facebook (if you dont know they sell a deisgn on their site for only 24 hours and then never again). And this one made me laugh so much I totally wanted it!! Anyways it went on sale and i HAD TO BUY IT!!

Then just 10 mins ago I was reading my emails and ASOS had sent an email with a 20% off discount code for St Patricks Day so i had to go buy something… >.<


I didnt buy these coz of St Pats….that is my favourite colour and if I could have every piece of clothing I own be that colour I fricking would!!

Lets not discuss the fact I also ordered some stuff from Torrid last week, ok? I am an idiot! Paypal and my credit card are dangerous things!