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Korean noms

My best friend and I had korean noms while our other buddy was touring Europe. The amount of times my bestie and I have done something in a different country to our other friend on her birthday is getting ridiculous…. 😀 Madang has yummy noms for sure…. Quote from the post on insta: Errr happy B-Day chezza….hope you are having… Read more →

I’m sorry mr octopus

I was going to post this with the other vids but they were all mega adorbs times. This is just ‘OMGAAAWD WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?’ times. Pretty sure if your food starts moving and is trying to ESCAPE from the bowl….its not wise to eat it. Seriously if someone put that down in front of me I would be all ‘i cant eat… Read more →

Today there was stuff!

This year I had to resort to Ebay to get the 2012 Frankie Diary. There was an exciting few hours of sniping before I won my copy! Exciting meaning tearing my hair out the 1st auction, then waiting to snipe someone else on my second attempt. Aww yeah! Seller shipped it fast but stupid Australia Post never left a card… Read more →

The lazy cook strikes again!

Also the cheap-ass cook. No pretty pics this time coz like MOST of my cooking experiments – its not so pretty. Tastes good (or just okay) but looks either acceptable….up to borderline “you want me to put that in my mouth?”. 😀 So the second last time i went shopping at Coles i bought some kangaroo steak coz of all… Read more →