The amazing Cactus Fountain!

Behold the Cactus Fountain! Just a temporary bit of silliness created by my friends over on 😀

I really should do a proper post about my current Minecraft obsession. I plan to do a big video showcasing the things I have built on the Dogcraft server, where I have been playig since October last year, but for now this is just a silly video I made yesterday.

2 of my friends have made a massive cactus xp farm that instantly repairs tools that have mending on them. Its great.
They havent even finished making all the layers to the cactus farm yet!

Anyway, so up until yesterday they only had a small 8 furnace array going for repairs, but had just build a new huge 64 array.

This video is from when they moved the cactus from the storage chests from the old array to the new. They knew this would haapen so I was all WOO I am totally recording that! 😀