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Finders Keepers ~ Sydney Autumn 2015

Yesterday I went to Finders Keepers markets in Sydney. I have been wanting to go to a FK market for ages but never had the chance. So much cool stuff to look at!!! I ended up buying stuff for my mum for Mothers Day plus a few presents for myself. Oops! 😀 Anyway here are a few pics I took… Read more →

2013 Eastern USA (& a lil Canada) trip

As usual its taken me almost a year to post my holiday photos online. I did take almost 4000……and i am queen of procrastinating so people should be grateful I did it in less than a year actually! So my holiday was from Oct 19-Nov 20 2013. I travelled once more with my friend Grace. Be warned – there are… Read more →

Richard Armitage Popcorn Taxi Q&A

On Wednesday night there was a special screening of The Hobbit in Sydney at the Hayden Orpheum at Cremorne, and beforehand Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in the movie for those who dont know, also my crush since 2009!) was there for a talk. It was so exciting to see him in real life!!! They rushed him out of there afterwards… Read more →

Returned to Vancouver – just for Blue October!

So yeah – start of October I basically lost the plot and decided I wanted to do something a bit drastic. As well as dying the hair blue, I decided on a whim I was going to go to Vancouver to see Blue October perform. More piccies under the cut. 😀 Read more →

Pics from my 2011 trip to Europe

Well I am off for a mini adventure NEXT weekend so I thought its about time I posted something from last years holiday! oops! Last year my best friend and I went to Europe for 3 weeks. We did an 11 day Contiki tour through some European cities and spent the rest of the time in London. It was really… Read more →

Look at this shit

For over half an hour I could hear the sound of helicopters. I was wondering if maybe some craziness had happened in Kings Cross overnight. I assumed it was just 1 chopper though…..but it just hovered for AGEs so i finally went outside to see if i could see it…and saw 2 helicopters. When I went to grab my fone… Read more →

Flickr and Instagram! WOO!

Woohoo. Just noticed a few hours ago that the latest update for Instagram on Android now lets you post pictures to Flickr too. I was wanting that feature just the other day because I have been really slack about using my normal camera. I lost the cord to transfer pics to the computer so i have to go through this… Read more →

Instagram pics – Mothers Day

1. Am a bad daughter. Gift for mother is round-about gift for myself. Mum learns amigurumi…everyone wins. 2. Mum working hard on mothers day. 3. Sister, aunty and cous. I love these bitches. 4. Sister is a freak…. 5. The bro hard at work. 6. My nephew 7. And my neice….shes almost 6. And mutantly tall for her age. 8.… Read more →