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Beautiful cosplay about Jiang Cheng and Lotus Pier

I really need to do a post about my latest obsessions because damn this site is behind the times….but I have been wanting to share this every where and finally the video is on a site that i know how to embed from lol. A little explanation is needed. Some time during the aussie lockdown that happened march/april I started… Read more →

The Antibean Takeover

The Antibean Takeover (aka the East Border Station opening on a challenge for William278) I’m back with another ridiculous Youtube video!!! So a bunch of my friends on gathered together, led by a player named broga, to build a surprise/challenge for one of the other players and branch managers of one of the SRN lines – William. It… Read more →

Decided to give Fortnite a try

So Fortnite……..I suck at this game. Wait lets be more clear – I suck at any kind of first person shooting game. GO ME! But anyways guys – watch me fail epically at this game!!! I have played it some more since this recording and I have recorded all my game play so I might make more videos in future,… Read more →

My love for the McElroys and Polygon

My grand plan to be more regular with posts this year has been a failure lol. But this week I have been given a prompt to do one of the posts I have been planning to do for a while. This week Griffin and Justin McElroy announced they were leaving Polygon. This may not matter to you but I have… Read more →

Tuney Tuesday – Finesse (Remix)

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video] Soooo I am on this Discord server that has a fairly wide age range even though its quite small, but I am one of the oldies…so rude. One of the babies (in their last year of High School) shared this song the other day and my first comment was: haha… Read more →