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Baby bunny roaming the streets

When I first moved to the place I am at I started seeing a wild bunny hopping about – it was super skittish and would hop away when you approached it. This was only notewoorthy because I live very close to a built up suburban area. Anyways so with winter passing I started sort of keeping an eye for the… Read more →

Fangirl Friday – 3 new obsessions I havent shared on here

So I am auch a slacker about updating this blog. And I have been doing stuff!!! I have 3 major obsessions, I have been studying, I have been overseas!!!! So I figure I better update you guys on my shenanigans. First up I thought I would share my current obsessions and how they came about. I have been fangirling super… Read more →

Flickr and Instagram! WOO!

Woohoo. Just noticed a few hours ago that the latest update for Instagram on Android now lets you post pictures to Flickr too. I was wanting that feature just the other day because I have been really slack about using my normal camera. I lost the cord to transfer pics to the computer so i have to go through this… Read more →

2006. The End.

I have been VERY unprolific with this blog this year. I keep posting crap on Livejournal instead. Poor blog. Anyways, this will be the last post for 2006 so I guess I should post something. Highlights for me this year would probably by getting my ball-jointed doll Swift and the birth of my niece Hannah. Did anything else cool happen… Read more →


Hmm, whats happening in my life atm? Well on Friday I am going to see one of the films at the 10th Japanese Film Festival. Am going to see Kamikaze Girls aka Shimotsuma Monogatari. Been slowly reading the Ouran High School Host Club manga because Kinokuniya never has english vol 2 of Paradise Kiss which I WANT to read. but… Read more →