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Check Please book 1 *heart eyes*

Because of slackery on my part there is only one measly post on here so far mentioning my love of the comic Check Please…..dont let the lack of posts fool you – if you hung out at my tumblr you would understand just how enamoured I am. I absolutely love it!!!! I just missed out on backing Ngozi Ukazu’s first… Read more →

The Adventure Zone graphic novel!

I got my copy of The Adventure Zone graphic novel! I preordered from an aussie retailer and didnt get it till a couple of weeks after the official release date which pissed me off, but its here now!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I love the Adventure Zone a lot!!! I love how Griffin as DM is draw into the story… Read more →

Book review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith My rating: 3 of 5 stars Found it very amusing. Giggled quite a lot reading this. I actually had downloaded it on the Kindle for PC program I had (it was reduced to something like $1.99 and i was all WOO! because I had been meaning to buy it for ages!) But… Read more →

Did I ever mention my extensive Mills & Boon collection?

Romance reader nerd alert! OMGAWD! Free Susan Napier book available on the Harlequin site for their 60 year celebration thing! MY FAVE romance author! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!1 Also they have this silly ‘put yourself in the romance’ thing where you choose a bunch of options and then they create a lil blurb like whats on the back of a romance book. I’d… Read more →

Scary job – but wow! Those guys are awesome!

High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas – VERY cool (but also sad) article about a salvage team working to right a listing ship. OMGAWD look at that picture: You know there are jobs in this world that are hella dangerous and stuff which are just DAMN fascinating! THAT is totally on that list man! Haha – I had to… Read more →