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Fangirl purchases 2018 part 1

So I have a thing that auto-scrapes my instagram posts and saves them as a draft on this site. Most of the stuff I dont want as posts but it has helped me create a bit of content this year. They save the images as media too so I am able to compile them in one post. This post is… Read more →

My Minisup Yisol

She arrived yesterday. She SHOULD have arrived Tuesday, but the lamers who deliver packages in my local area keep taking them straight to the post office and saying they have left a postcard saying I have an item to pick up – but THEY DONT LEAVE A CARD! I am getting sick of it – this is the fourth package… Read more →

My weekend

Had a busy weekend. Friday night my friends and I had dinner and did some more purikura which I am sending to the cast and crew of Supernatural. I may edit this post later to share the pics with you. Saturday the family and I went down the coast, just past Nowra, for my aunties fiftieth birthday party. Was okay… Read more →