Decided to give Fortnite a try

So Fortnite……..I suck at this game.
Wait lets be more clear – I suck at any kind of first person shooting game. GO ME!

But anyways guys – watch me fail epically at this game!!!

I have played it some more since this recording and I have recorded all my game play so I might make more videos in future, but my skills have not improved whatsoever! 😀

I have watched lots of other people play this and similar games (H1Z! and PubG), and I do LOVE watching people play Battle Royal style games but I knew I would be terrible at them myself.
I just dont have the reflexes to respond to other players attacking me well. I like playing against computers because in time you can figure out the machines timings but people are unpredictable…..damn them. lol

But it is loads of fun and I reckon I will definately play this more.
I like playing in 50v50 so I have time to safely grab some loot and do some running and then head towards the centre circle and die some ridiculous death. lol

And how long till I give in and buy a Battle Pass…..i want shiny skins and things!!!

Anyways I hope you all enjoy a good laugh at my expense. I laughed at myself a lot playing this.