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Fangirl purchases 2018 part 1

So I have a thing that auto-scrapes my instagram posts and saves them as a draft on this site. Most of the stuff I dont want as posts but it has helped me create a bit of content this year. They save the images as media too so I am able to compile them in one post. This post is… Read more →

Glass Mask and a few other things

The World Link wins again with 4 stories in one day! Anyways I have been housesitting for the past week but am home now. When I got home around midday I played on the computer for a bit and then crawled into my oh so comfy bed and slept till around 7:30pm. *sigh* Its so nice crawling into your own… Read more →


Hmm, whats happening in my life atm? Well on Friday I am going to see one of the films at the 10th Japanese Film Festival. Am going to see Kamikaze Girls aka Shimotsuma Monogatari. Been slowly reading the Ouran High School Host Club manga because Kinokuniya never has english vol 2 of Paradise Kiss which I WANT to read. but… Read more →