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Fangirl purchases 2018 part 1

So I have a thing that auto-scrapes my instagram posts and saves them as a draft on this site. Most of the stuff I dont want as posts but it has helped me create a bit of content this year. They save the images as media too so I am able to compile them in one post. This post is… Read more →

Fangirl Friday – 3 new obsessions I havent shared on here

So I am auch a slacker about updating this blog. And I have been doing stuff!!! I have 3 major obsessions, I have been studying, I have been overseas!!!! So I figure I better update you guys on my shenanigans. First up I thought I would share my current obsessions and how they came about. I have been fangirling super… Read more →

Richard Armitage Popcorn Taxi Q&A

On Wednesday night there was a special screening of The Hobbit in Sydney at the Hayden Orpheum at Cremorne, and beforehand Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in the movie for those who dont know, also my crush since 2009!) was there for a talk. It was so exciting to see him in real life!!! They rushed him out of there afterwards… Read more →

Black Milk Clothing – OMG!

I cry because fashion. Usually I just go about life ignoring the cool fashion things coz I am a plus-sized girl and most of the stuff I love will never fit me (unless I go nuts and actually diet…but ha! like thats gonna happen). So periodically Chanel puts out something i weep over (omg that lil green crop jacket from… Read more →

Klingon Style (Gangnam parody)

As I said yesterday I missed all the build up of the Gangnam Style shenanigans which makes me sad! But this was sooo funny I had to share! Screw it I am putting the original here too coz even though its all over the place I still love it! I just wish it had come out like a year and… Read more →