Not the Home Tree!

Testing 1.15 on a backup of the Dogcraft server – after I logged in at the Home Tree, the main admin declared that the Home Tree was super laggy so had the brilliant idea to BLOW IT UP WITH TNT!


I know its only test server but it was still awful. I was lucky and managed to open OBS before it started. I am part of the team now at Home Tree and only one other was on, so I wanted to record it to show the other folks!! Its a long silly video of about 11 mins but that was edited down from 30 mins of recorded time. I could have made it shorter but this video is meant more for those other Home Tree folks who missed out on seeing this live.

The music editing amused me.
An afternoon well spent by me. 😀

Nods Head

(this is my second favourite gif of all time – its so versatile!)