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i get obsessed with things temporarily. here everything is together so you can see the ebb and flow.

Fangirl Friday – 3 new obsessions I havent shared on here

So I am auch a slacker about updating this blog. And I have been doing stuff!!! I have 3 major obsessions, I have been studying, I have been overseas!!!! So I figure I better update you guys on my shenanigans. First up I thought I would share my current obsessions and how they came about. I have been fangirling super… Read more →

Richard Armitage Popcorn Taxi Q&A

On Wednesday night there was a special screening of The Hobbit in Sydney at the Hayden Orpheum at Cremorne, and beforehand Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in the movie for those who dont know, also my crush since 2009!) was there for a talk. It was so exciting to see him in real life!!! They rushed him out of there afterwards… Read more →

Chris Evans In Places He Shouldnt Be

This may just be one of the best things I have seen on the internet in the last few months – So there is this massively attactive and derpy picture of poor Chris Evans from on the set of the Avengers: So basically the idea is cut out his body, or sometimes just his head/face and paste it info… Read more →

Fassavoy or Cherik. Either way I love it.

My fangirling wont quit. I blame Tumblr. Found this today. James McAvoy and Michael Fassy by ~Galbinus on deviantART Also my fave Cherik fan artist posts lots more art of the boys on Tumblr but here is a few pieces she has posted on Deviantart. I love how she draws them so they look like James and Michael. X-Men First… Read more →

A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and his Super-soldier boyfriend

Fangirl time. As you might know – I tend to get obsessed with ships in different fandoms. If you dont know what a ship is – its pairing up of two characters whether it actually happens in the book/tv series/movie/comic/etc or not. For example to me it was ALWAYS obvious that JKR was going to pair up Hermione and Ron,… Read more →

Michael Fassbender crush and i love you fandom!

Magneto Manual Step 1 by ~DoomOverlord on deviantART So anyone new dropping by cant see my 10+ years of old blog posts because I haven’t uploaded all my old posts from my days with blogger yet, but anyone who has read my blog in the past knows I get a bit obsessive about things. I havent had a real obsession… Read more →

RA Photo Friday ~ Adorable is as adorable does!

IS it wrong to declare I want this man to father my children? 😀 Anyhoo – if thats what was on kiddy tv on a regular basis I would watch it with zero complaints. I promise!!! Thanks again to the Galleries for the screen caps while my comp is on the fritz! Read more →

RA Photo Friday – Oops I did it again!

More John Porter! A lovely screen grab taken from the Strike back promo that everyones been going nuts over. Picture kindly borrowed from the awesome RichardArmitage.Net galleries! Why that pic….surely I have shared with y’all my extreme obsession with that guys jaw????? I mean seriously he could just stand there staring at me with his head tilted back a bit… Read more →