The Antibean Takeover

The Antibean Takeover (aka the East Border Station opening on a challenge for William278)

I’m back with another ridiculous Youtube video!!!

So a bunch of my friends on gathered together, led by a player named broga, to build a surprise/challenge for one of the other players and branch managers of one of the SRN lines – William. It is located at the curent world border and william has been challenged to build 8 stations on the East SRN line between this build and the next existing station or be turned into that which he abores!!!!! mwahahahahahaha the Antibean!!!

They spent 12 days working on it and I was commandeered into recording Williams reaction. 😀

I then had to wait a few days and totally wreck my sleep schedule by working through the night because its stinking hot in australian right now and I thought my computer might fry during the day while I edited this.
But behold the video is complete – and its completely silly and i love it! haha