Fangirl Friday – 3 new obsessions I havent shared on here

So I am auch a slacker about updating this blog. And I have been doing stuff!!!
I have 3 major obsessions, I have been studying, I have been overseas!!!! So I figure I better update you guys on my shenanigans.

First up I thought I would share my current obsessions and how they came about. I have been fangirling super hard over 3 seperate ‘fandoms’.

    Check Please
    ice Hockey

This is just a little summary (???) post but I am thinking I will do 3 seperate posts later with more detail.
Behold the timeline of my descent into madness since September last year…


Sept-October 2015 ~ Sterek

In case you don’t know – this is the ‘shipping’ name for the pairing of the characters Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the tv show Teen Wolf.
I didn’t get into Teen Wolf when it started – I watched the first episode at the time and was all ‘what is this contrived bullshit?’…so critical! But I wasn’t the market it was aimed at so…

But I had friends on Tumblr who liked it and because of them the first post I ever reblogged about sterek was in September 2012 and I wrote in reply to the post i was reblogging

stop it guys. i want sterek to be real.

i refuse to watch teen wolf if sterek isnt real!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

And the next post I reblogged in December the same year had a gorgeous piece of sterek fanart that had been tagged as #dont even watch this show #but i want to watch them bang which i quoted on my post and added a THIS gif. lol

But it didn’t make me want to watch the show for a long time, I just admired the strek fanart and gifsets as they crossed my tumblr dash with occasional reblogs of things. And I knew the main cast because those same friends posted things about them.
Sometimes ships just make sense to you, and they appeal to you even if you arent heavily in the fandom. Well thats something that happens to me. I refuse to watch Shadowhunters but I am Jonesing for Malec. And I have only seen 1 episode of How To Get Away With Murder and I ship Conner/Oliver something fierce!!! 😀

But yeah, my Tumblr friends kept a vague interest in sterek going for a few years, so eventually I wanted to see what scenes in the show convinced peeps to ship Sterek, so finally once Netflix was available in Australia I slowly caught up on the show. Going by posts on my Tumblr I was heavily watching by July last year, and I was done by September. I did a post on my Tumblr in late October talking about how bad my descent into fullon Sterek obsession, ending with:

this is my life now…..
sterek all the way

Even now almost a year later I rarely go a day without reading some new fanfic.
I have fanmade merch which I will share in the seperate post I do about it. I met Tyler Hoechlin (lad who plays Derek) at Supanova in June.

Of the 3 obsessions – it’s the worst…..tho its not hockey season right now so my fangirling over that is kind of on a low burner there, so we will see this October when the hockey starts back up who I am more tragic over. 😀

Check please banner by Ngozi Ukazu
Dec 2015 – Check Please
In mid-December someone reblogged on Tumblr the lastest update for this adorable Web comic called Check Please which about a cute Georgian lad Eric Bittle (Bitty) – a gay baker/college hockey player and his time in college. The particular update was this one which had no words – just shows a cute lil blonde guy looking around after a hockey game, then finally finding another player upset and sitting and hugging him. I was all ‘WHAT IS THIS?” and immediately went and read the entire comic up to that point. I fell in love.
I have been obsessed ever since. In this case I have merch but its all official merch sold by the artist – Ngozi Ukazu. I currently support her Patreon. She does regular live streams of her working on upcoming updates and shares behind these scenes info about her work. <3333 The characters are all great/insane/loveable/endearing – even the possible semi-villian the fans find sort of endearing because we don’t know if he is actually a bad guy or if the characters the story is told thru see him that way. There are lots of ships going on. There are only a small number of female characters so obviously the ships are mostly M/M ones. Ngozi has also put out 2 fanzines (WHICH I NOW OWN - YAAAAASSS!!!) with art and stories which shows pairings that have not happened in the comic – BLESS HER!!! Girl understands her fans!!! There are a group of characters that are refered to as the Frogs and in the updates when they first came in she would post things like “I do not ship the Frogs’ when she clearly meant the opposite. 😀 eric bittle - bitty - by Ngozi Ukazu

I could go on and on but maybe I will save it for the seperate post but my fave Check Please ships are Jack/Bitty (CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE ASCENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Dex/Nursey, Shitty/Lardo (I am hoping of all the other ships this will become canon – its been definitely implied that they like each other a LOT) and Holster/Ransom (this last one I cant decide if I love them more as in love or just the ultimate brotp as they are written in the comics).

Anyways Check Please helped guide me to my final new obsession:

Kuzy on the ice - image from Monumental Sports Network

Feb 2016 – Ice Hockey
I have always thought ‘hockey is cool’. But I never really got into it, but then I never got in to any sports.

But even before I read Check Please to fuel my interest in hockey, I had bookmarked a Reddit page with info on how to access hockey game streams coz I had been thinking ‘I want to watch some hockey’. Then, thanks to Check Please, I was more interested and wanted to know more about the rules. You dont need to watch hockey to get Check Please – it just reminded me of my interest. When I had gone to Canada in 2008 I had gone to a Canucks game with people from my hostel and before the game they had taken us to a bar and explained the rules and the ONLY thing I recalled from that was what a Power Play was. But no info on what got a team a Power Play. lol

ANYWAY so February – one night on a Friday or Saturday I had wandered through the house and dad had a NHL game on Foxtel while he was snoozing and I sat down and watched it. One team was losing and so I decided to cheer for them…and by the end of the game they won! I later learned that the game wasn’t actually live. Dumb Australian broadcasters and they only play a few games each week.

Then the next week I was off sick one day and I had wandered out to the tv with Foxtel about 10:30am and was flicking thru the channels and at 11am another hockey game was on (later learnt this one WAS live!). And it had the same team I had cheered for before. Again they started off losing but by the end of the game they won. I was thinking ‘I like these guys! And I was all ‘that goalie is cool! you go son!’ 😀

Then the following Saturday night I was looking at the NHL website and was reading about, and it was something like US$39.95 for the rest of the 2015-2016 season. This was Feb 20/21st (I think) and I was all ‘hey why not?’ even though as far as I knew there would only be games up till the first few weeks of April.
I also did not know there were games basically every day and that teams play more than once a week (this is what I am used to with most sports aired on tv in Australia). So wow I was jumping in and possibly wasting some money – AND I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BECAUSE OMG SUDDENLY SO MUCH HOCKEY TO WATCH!!!!

So Sunday morning I started watching my first games via on my computer – which was GREAT because 1) i have a huge monitor and 2) my eye sight is rubbish so being able to put games full screen on my monitor meant I could see the puck most of the time (i rarely see it watching on tv)! HOLY CRAP!!
At some point that day the team I had cheered for before was playing…this team was the Washington Capitals.
By the end of this third game I watched them play I was all ‘I like these guys’ ….. they are now MY TEAM!!! 😀

During that first week I saw some other teams play that influenced my opinions, so apart from the Canucks (who I saw in 2008, so before Caps became my babies I would have said were ‘my team’), I found a group of teams I liked for varied reasons. So Caps are my number one but these following teams are all tied for #2 :D:

Tampa Bay Lightning – I think I had seen them play against the Caps one day and then I saw them play someone else so I cheered for them because I ‘knew’ them.

Montréal Canadiens – When I told my buddy Firda I was getting into hockey she told me she knew nothing about it other than fact the Habs goalie Carey Price was cute. She was right – so I watched their games even though he was off with injuries. PK Subban and the Gally lads kept me interested (STILL PISSED ABOUT THE SUBBAN TRADE OVER HERE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)

San Jose Sharks – I basically watched their games and cheered for them because they are the fave team of one of the cutest characters in Check Please…imagine my shock when they got all the way to the Stanley Cup finals! I was so stoked and cheering for them so hard. I am still sad. Important news – Martin Jones who was the goalie thru the playoffs is cute as. 😀

Vancouver Canucks – already explained why they are one of my teams.

ANYWAYS so I cant recall now if it was the first or second week of happiness that I saw my first Pittsburgh Penguins game…and I cant recall if they played against one of the teams I was leaning towards or not…..but by then I had seen a good number of games and I could gauge what was a fair check and something more dirty. And I swear this game I saw EVERY check the Penguins did look nasty as, so by the end of the game I was all ‘you arseholes’. This is how I learnt to not like the Penguins. 😀
When they defeated my Caps in the Playoffs I was very, very unhappy. When they got to the Finals I was all DAMNIT. WHen they won I was depressed….but haha I was kinda really happy for them – I cried watching the celebrations. They worked hard – gotta respect that. San Jose didnt give it up to them easy!

Anyway I will go more into My love of the Caps and what has unfolded from that in my separate post about Ice Hockey. There is a LOT to share. lol. The main thing you need to know is I TOOK THE FOLLOWING PHOTO THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!
Caps vs Pens  Playoffs Round 2 game 5
Many more pictures will appear in my Ice Hockey/Washington Capitals post! yes indeed!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

So thats y’all updated on my fandoms. And no I am not syaing y’all coz of Bitty from Check please – I have been using y’all for years! :p