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My love for the McElroys and Polygon

My grand plan to be more regular with posts this year has been a failure lol. But this week I have been given a prompt to do one of the posts I have been planning to do for a while. This week Griffin and Justin McElroy announced they were leaving Polygon. This may not matter to you but I have… Read more →

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world

In my Uni course in one of the early weeks we were asked to watch a 2 part video of Clay Shirky talking about cognitive surplus. It talks about in the 20th century are cognitive surplus was taken up with predominantly television viewing, but now with the internet we are able to use a new media tool that allows us… Read more →

Klingon Style (Gangnam parody)

As I said yesterday I missed all the build up of the Gangnam Style shenanigans which makes me sad! But this was sooo funny I had to share! Screw it I am putting the original here too coz even though its all over the place I still love it! I just wish it had come out like a year and… Read more →

Flickr and Instagram! WOO!

Woohoo. Just noticed a few hours ago that the latest update for Instagram on Android now lets you post pictures to Flickr too. I was wanting that feature just the other day because I have been really slack about using my normal camera. I lost the cord to transfer pics to the computer so i have to go through this… Read more →