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That was unexpected!

Ooh!! A few days ago I saw there was a comp on the Marvel Australia and New Zealand facebook page to win tickets to a preview screening of Captain America:The Winter Soldier on March 31st. Of course I entered. AND I WON!! I was so surprised! I rarely win anything!!! Am looking forward to it. Which friend do I love… Read more →

Tune-y Tuesday – Songs from the Drive Soundtrack

Around New Years I watched the movie Drive. It was okay, but I wouldnt rave like a maniac about it like some peeps on Tumbr did. My favourite bits were at the start where Ryan Gosling and Carey Muligans character woudl meet up…and the way they looked at each other. Yeah it was great. I’m a loser girl who loves… Read more →

Fassavoy or Cherik. Either way I love it.

My fangirling wont quit. I blame Tumblr. Found this today. James McAvoy and Michael Fassy by ~Galbinus on deviantART Also my fave Cherik fan artist posts lots more art of the boys on Tumblr but here is a few pieces she has posted on Deviantart. I love how she draws them so they look like James and Michael. X-Men First… Read more →

A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and his Super-soldier boyfriend

Fangirl time. As you might know – I tend to get obsessed with ships in different fandoms. If you dont know what a ship is – its pairing up of two characters whether it actually happens in the book/tv series/movie/comic/etc or not. For example to me it was ALWAYS obvious that JKR was going to pair up Hermione and Ron,… Read more →