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Fangirl Friday – 3 new obsessions I havent shared on here

So I am auch a slacker about updating this blog. And I have been doing stuff!!! I have 3 major obsessions, I have been studying, I have been overseas!!!! So I figure I better update you guys on my shenanigans. First up I thought I would share my current obsessions and how they came about. I have been fangirling super… Read more →

Webseries: Tabletop

Last week on a whim I decided to watch an episode of Tabletop. I had seen Wil Wheaton mention it a few times (I err follow his Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc…seriously i am not stalking him). ITS AWESOME!!! Its a web series hosted by Wil Wheaton. He and a group of geeky peeps play some kind of table top game… Read more →

Sherlockians are keeping me amused

So this may be the greatest gif ever. [source] …and best comment on tumblr was “John should really lay off the jam.” Oh i laughed for ages!!!!!!! And I love how the clothes on ‘sherlock’ look totally appropriate and right! 😀 And this video is awesome – sherlock song spoof vid I love the Baby Baby thing that keeps getting… Read more →

New Girl interactive video – LOVE IT!

I totally forgot to blog this the other day when it went up! I totally love watching the interactive video on the New Girl site The day it went live I sat there playing it over and over trying the different options. I am sure I annoyed my neighbours. Was just giggling at it again. Needed something to make me… Read more →