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Finders Keepers ~ Sydney Autumn 2015

Yesterday I went to Finders Keepers markets in Sydney. I have been wanting to go to a FK market for ages but never had the chance. So much cool stuff to look at!!! I ended up buying stuff for my mum for Mothers Day plus a few presents for myself. Oops! 😀 Anyway here are a few pics I took… Read more →

Scars left by time

I started a new tumblr blog earlier this month. Its called Scars Left By Time. Its for cataloguing all the fanart that i see and like on tumblr. If you’re gonna check it out – keep in mind it has some nsfw piccies. Boys doing things in some of them…or implied they are about to or just have. hehehe. 😀… Read more →

It seems i have a thing….

…for fishy art. If its goldfish or koi-looking imma go gaga over it. yes. A couple of pics i had reblogged on tumblr in the last few months. I need to find more. Goldfish Princess by *YummyKitty on deviantART Koi Mermaid by ~Bamfette on deviantART [ edit ] – after poking about deviantart here’s some more: Goldfish by ~Stregatto10 on… Read more →

Fassavoy or Cherik. Either way I love it.

My fangirling wont quit. I blame Tumblr. Found this today. James McAvoy and Michael Fassy by ~Galbinus on deviantART Also my fave Cherik fan artist posts lots more art of the boys on Tumblr but here is a few pieces she has posted on Deviantart. I love how she draws them so they look like James and Michael. X-Men First… Read more →

A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and his Super-soldier boyfriend

Fangirl time. As you might know – I tend to get obsessed with ships in different fandoms. If you dont know what a ship is – its pairing up of two characters whether it actually happens in the book/tv series/movie/comic/etc or not. For example to me it was ALWAYS obvious that JKR was going to pair up Hermione and Ron,… Read more →