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Threadless got me again

Threadless has a sale on (for a lil while longer), and yesterday I was compelled to buy some tees. They even had discounted international shipping!! Though I havent got a confirmation email yet which makes me nervy (though they happily stole my money via paypal!!) Anyways these are the ones i ordered (i have about 15 tees bookmarked that i… Read more →

Threadless is dangerous

I bought these 3 shirts from Threadless this evening. I ended up buying them in the larger mens sizes because based on their measurements even the 2XL size for girls wouldnt go around my boobages! 😀 I have quite a few fandom shirts these days, but a few peeps have linked to some Threadless tees on tumblr (i had seen… Read more →

I have a lil furniture wishlist atm

Waiting for something to complete so I can go to sleep – looking at random stuff online. My apartment (studio really) is tiny. One more piece of furniture and its gonna be overloaded. Despite this i have been wanting to get a two seater sofa since i moved in. I have been reminiscing a bit about when I lived in… Read more →

Today there was stuff!

This year I had to resort to Ebay to get the 2012 Frankie Diary. There was an exciting few hours of sniping before I won my copy! Exciting meaning tearing my hair out the 1st auction, then waiting to snipe someone else on my second attempt. Aww yeah! Seller shipped it fast but stupid Australia Post never left a card… Read more →

Crafting shenanigans

After work yesterday I went to Eckersleys to try and get inspired to make some stuff for Xmas. Craft and art shops are evil. I always spend more than i plan! I loved the pretty papers! Anyways so I bought some silver jewellery for my friends for Xmas from Szeya Designs on Etsy. I decided I wanted to do something… Read more →