Glass Mask and a few other things

The World Link wins again with 4 stories in one day!

Anyways I have been housesitting for the past week but am home now. When I got home around midday I played on the computer for a bit and then crawled into my oh so comfy bed and slept till around 7:30pm. *sigh* Its so nice crawling into your own bed after an absence.

i stayed up all night watching the Live Action series of Glass Mask, plus the first few eps of Glass Mask 2 live action on Crunchyroll.
I actually started watching the anime series (newer version) in the middle of last week but it goes FOEVER so I wanted the digested version. lols
Its pretty good but it can be seriously over the top at times. I really want Maya and Hayami to end up together….but will have to wait as it starts when Maya is 13 and Hayami is about 24. eek.
I guess I should be grateful its not as melodramatic as Brother, Dear Brother (Oniisama e) which I finished watching earlier in the week (another series that went FOREVER!). Thats was just full of crazy chicks, half of them wanting to kill themselves when things didnt go as they wanted. Was insane.
But then the the sensei chick in Glass Mask looks like she has cornered her own brand of crazy (woman doesnt teach – just screams and beats up poor maya when she does stuff wrong), and the various psycho bitches trying to bring Maya down…..yeah there’s some parallels!

The least psycho anime series I have watched so far on Crunchyroll is Akage no Anne (its an anime of Anne of Green Gables – which i LOVED as a kid!!!!). I cried for like the first 4 episodes I was loving it so much! lol
I have seen more of the Live Action of Glass mask but in a way the Maya/Hayami relationship reminds me a bit of Anne and Gilbert – just because Hayami just seems to say stuff that pisses Maya off and make her want to work harder. The fact that he is also giving her the purple roses in secret is just soooo sweet. I LOVED the bit in the first Live Action series where she is practising to be Helen Keller and he comes to see her with some roses and she has blindfolded herself and stuck ear plugs in her ears so she has NO idea its Hayami and when she realises its the guy who gives her purple roses she hugs him…and it takes him a few seconds but then the guy just MELTS and hugs her back……I WAS ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rewatched it a bunch of times!

Yes I am a loser!

Ooh I found this japanese site with some GORGEOUS fanart of Maya and Hayami! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!