Hmm, whats happening in my life atm?

Well on Friday I am going to see one of the films at the 10th Japanese Film Festival. Am going to see Kamikaze Girls aka Shimotsuma Monogatari.

Been slowly reading the Ouran High School Host Club manga because Kinokuniya never has english vol 2 of Paradise Kiss which I WANT to read. but yeah OHSHC isnt bad…i havent seen any of the anime yet but i am sure when my friend described it to me she said through out the course of the anime the guys each find out that Haruhi is a girl…if thats true then its quite different to the manga. i love how obsessed Tamaki is with her. I hope he lucks out with her in the end! 😀

i totally need to read more NANA scanlations. I have seen up to ep 23…24?? i cant remember..but wont be able to download more till near x-mas. SO IN LOVE!!!

Work is boring. House is still not finished and likely to go over the contract time so we will be here EVEN longer! NOOOOO!!! I want air conditioning for christmas!!!

Quite enamoured with OLIVIA….mostly her songs from NANA, but I also liked her song Sea Me (original version thanks) looong before that. Poor songs getting heavy rotation on my ipod and itunes.