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after some recommendations of good anime stuff to get by my pals on tuesday nite, i went into this shop on wednesday and as well as starting to drool because of the selection they had, i ended up buying Ghost in the Shell on DVD and The Slayers on video. so far i have only had a chance to watch Ghost in the Shell.

i have watched it once with the english dub. i am gonna try and watch it again with the english subtitles and the japanese voices because the voices in the english one started to bug me. it’s great to watch. and i love when you see a background scene in an animation that looks so good that it looks real. this had quite a few scenes like that.
i thought the main character in it – with the big blue eyes – well that made me think of Lucy Lawless for some reason, but her haircut made me think of Nikita (in the french film) before she got cleaned up. and in a way she was kind of Nikita-ish – doing what is expected of her, but then something happens that makes her re-evaluate who she is and so she has to breakaway from the people running her life. am i making sense?

anyways – so i will be going back to that shop. i want one of everything 🙂