Tuney Tuesday – Finesse (Remix)

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video]

Soooo I am on this Discord server that has a fairly wide age range even though its quite small, but I am one of the oldies…so rude.
One of the babies (in their last year of High School) shared this song the other day and my first comment was:

haha i was suddenly having flashbacks to In Living Color T.T styling is so early 90s….

Its definately a catchy lil tune! But the video is the main thing I am posting about. The clothes, the dancing!!! Holy crap!! This made me feel so old guys!! haha!!!

I was so distracted popping over to Youtube before the song ended the first time I watched it trying to find In Living Color vids to see if I was making the right comparison I even didnt see the ‘dedicated to In Living Color’ thing at the end lol.

I then went and watched a bunch of Fly Girls dance videos like this one coz I’m a dork…. 😀
Prepare yourself for the In Living COlor theme on REPEAT in this vid….

Early 90s man – a special time that 90s kids and later dont truly understand. And aww bb Jen Lopez as one of the Fly Girls! Thank you server buddy and Bruno Mars for the flashbacks to my youth!

(By god she did it – an update! Hopefully i will not procrastinate another year over the other drafts I have pending! T.T )