EnChroma ~ Science you rock!

A few days ago I saw a thing on facebook of a colour blind guy seeing the colour purple for the first time due to special glasses called EnChroma. I loved it. I loved how overwhelmed he was, and I commented on my Facebook how amazing it was and to think about how this is someone who has seen their whole life so they know what they are looking at, but they dont see the colour intensity the rest of us do – and when they do they have a kind of sensory overload, and to imagine what babies must go through in their first months of life.

Anyway today I saw another video of a man also getting a set of Enchroma glasses and seeing the colour of his kids eyes for the first time:

And a man seeing the sunset in colour for the first time:

I love this sooo much. I love their reactions to the green of leves and grass. 😀
Actors playing superheroes who suddenly acquire awesome powers should watch these vids for ideas on a real reaction of what it mist be like to have one of your senses enhanced. 😀