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EnChroma ~ Science you rock!

A few days ago I saw a thing on facebook of a colour blind guy seeing the colour purple for the first time due to special glasses called EnChroma. I loved it. I loved how overwhelmed he was, and I commented on my Facebook how amazing it was and to think about how this is someone who has seen their… Read more →

Just hanging out next to a volcano

This video is CRAZY!! Diving into an Active Volcano from Sam Cossman on Vimeo. I seriously love pictures and video of lava…preferably slow moving lava…..but omg when you get the distance shot of the lil guy and the churning waves of lava are huge next to him….i would be freaking out!!! But a part of me would still LOVE to… Read more →

Returned to Vancouver – just for Blue October!

So yeah – start of October I basically lost the plot and decided I wanted to do something a bit drastic. As well as dying the hair blue, I decided on a whim I was going to go to Vancouver to see Blue October perform. More piccies under the cut. 😀 Read more →

Fedra news

I found this gallery of pics of the wreck if the Fedra. And i finally found an article confirming Titan are there working on it… yeah its in Spanish…..use a translator site if you cant read it! heh i was gonna blog this last night with a picture but for some reason the adding a pucture thing in blogger seems… Read more →

Lets go sailing in Gibraltar y’all!

A youtube vid about that ship the MV Fedra that Titan helped rescue some folks from on the weekend. hehe the guy goes ‘never seen anything quite like it in my lifetime – unbelievable’ – dude get into salvage! you see it all the time. hmm – broken ship = tourist atttraction! and piccies Also found this slideshow that has… Read more →

Sayonara….but no rest for the wicked

Aww – they were starting to jack down on the weekend…i wonder if they have gone now….. [edit] (yup yup – they jacked down and towed away….ooh i found this news video too.) In other Titan news (omgawd – come to rebeccas blog for the latest on what Titan is doing – NOT!) they have started removing the bunker fuel… Read more →

Yep – am still googling the Titan kids

I forgot to post this yesterday. Titan peeps in the Philippines finished retrieving endosulfan from the Princess of the Stars earlier than was expected and seem to be going well with the other pesticides as well. I am trying not to think too much about the body retrieval part of the job. I wonder what other things around the world… Read more →