Youtube gamers

Hi guys.
I have been pretty quiet lately. Ok so I dont post that often anyways, but I had intended to post a bit more this year and it hasnt happened, mainly because I have returned to studying through Open Universities Australia and my spare time is taken up with my studies and then my wind-down time and sleep. 😀
BUT in that wind-down time I have started watching a lot of videos of Youtube Gamers.

The first one I discovered was Markiplier. I had friends on Tumblr who occassionally reposted stuff about him so eventually I went to Wikipedia to find out who he was.
While there I remember it mentioned Drunk MInecraft so when I finally went to his Youtube Channel thats the first thing I looked for to watch.
I mainly chose those videos to start because I had just started playing Minecraft myself so I thought it might be entertaining and I might learn something about the game.
This video of LatinGoddess – one of the owners of the Vox Populi Minecraft server going after Mark because he was being a douche is one of the best ever – I now play on the server just because Latin is my hero! 😀

I definately found Mark entertaining and his friends were fun too. So I ended up watching many other random videos of his which lead me to a few other chaps who he does collab videos with.

Now, thanks to Markiplier, I also regularly am watching videos of his friend Wade aka LordMinion777, jacksepticeye (I think I like him more than Markiplier now…he is just so fun and adorbs….and that cute lil irish accent!!) and cute lil yamimash.

I like playing video games but I usually play open ended games (Sims, Animal Crossing), or if I do play other games I rarely complete them. Lets not talk about my Guild Wars 2 obsession last year.

Watching these videos has introduced me to a lot of games I would like to play. But also ones I have had fun just watching the guys play – I would never play Five Nights at Freddys which is super popular with these gamers but its fun to watch them all play and go insane. 😀

One game that I would never have bought myself because zombies (I HATE ZOMBIES) is The Last of Us – but I really enjoyed watching Marks series playing the entire game. It could have been a movie or tv show. It was a great story.

Another zombie one that I would have been all ‘nope’ at is Dying Light because again zombies – but the video that made me decide to subscribe to jacksepticeyes channel was the one below of him playing Dying light – it looks so fun! I WANT TO PLAY IT!


I have also gotten into watching random people on Twitch TV playing games. I say I hate zombie things but I keep watching zombie filled games!!!! I love watching people streaming H1Z1 in Battle Royale mode.

Anyways, so for the last few weeks when I havent been doing my uni work I have spent MANY hours watching gaming Youtube videos. Actually stay away everyone – you will get sucked into a vortex you may never escape! 😀