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How to post your Tumblr Crushes

[edit – feb 2013] Tumblr recently had an update and as yet Missing-e hasnt been update dto accommodate the changes so the instructions below on how to use Missing-e to post your Tumblr crushes is no longer correct. You will have to create the post manually – which is also explained below. Keep in mind this post assumes some basic… Read more →

Scars left by time

I started a new tumblr blog earlier this month. Its called Scars Left By Time. Its for cataloguing all the fanart that i see and like on tumblr. If you’re gonna check it out – keep in mind it has some nsfw piccies. Boys doing things in some of them…or implied they are about to or just have. hehehe. đŸ˜€… Read more →


Omgaaaaawd. I broke my site for a few minutes. I think this image adequately describes me trying to modify things in WordPress… I was fiddling with the settings and BAM!! my blog wouldnt load!!! I had to go into the mysql database thingy and edit a setting to get it back up. SHIESSE!!!!!!!!!!!1111 But I fixed it….phew!!!! This post was… Read more →

Am tired now.

OMGAWD! So every old blogger post that had tags (which WordPress made into categories) has now been updated. I didnt fix the BAZILLION typos in all these posts – just moved the categories to the tags and trimmed the categories to a smaller number of topics. There is still over 2000 posts listed as uncategorised….but unless i find posts that… Read more →

What have I done?

You are all soooooo screwed. Just set up WordPress app on my HTC sensation fone so I can blog at you ANYTIME!! Mwahahahahaaaaaa Took zee dolls to work today to show one of my newer workmates. We have started calling each other otome-twin coz we are the same age, like anime and manga, Japanese culture, we both studied the same… Read more →