Laziness is next to slothliness

I realised when I came to follow the link to my profile on here the other day coz I was too lazy to just go straight there and sign in that the last time I updated this was January LAST year. Oops. I have had 6 posts in drafts almost the entire year (ok 1 has been longer but it’s a post about a collection of books I am rereading and commenting on each one and I got a bit slack on reading them).

Damn my procrastinatory ways.

SO I am making a full commitment to updating this here blog at least once a month this year. Whether it’s one of those drafts finally being completed or maybe just a Tuney Tuesday to get a post done that month I WILL UPDATE THIS HERE BLOG. And this post does not count as the January post.
If anyone sometimes reads this here thing feel free to harass me if I don’t do a monthly update yeah?