I’m sorry mr octopus

I was going to post this with the other vids but they were all mega adorbs times.

Pretty sure if your food starts moving and is trying to ESCAPE from the bowl….its not wise to eat it.

Seriously if someone put that down in front of me I would be all ‘i cant eat that!’
I like my meat/seafood to not still resemble exactly how it looked when it was alive – prawns are an exception but then even they change colour when cooked!! And I dont like when prawns still have head and shells when cooked!
And fish – as long as scales and eyes are gone i can do it…but if you serve me fish and there is a fishy eye looking up at me going ‘WHHHHHHY???’ I cant eat it!! 🙁

ANYWAYS – so yeah this bowl is already made of ‘aww hell no!’ even without the added excitement of pouring soy on to make the fucker dance!!!!!!!!!!!

This reminds me of something….oh yes!

Heres some more freaky wiggling food. T.T

I had seen animated gifs of the above video on Tumblr, and when I went searching for it I found this video first

At least they arent about to eat these…

As previously stated – if i can see the fishes eyes…its all over. The fact that its twitching (even if its like the others where something has been put on it that makes the nerve endings move) I would totally want to throw up if this was sitting on the table and people were eating from it.

BTW – I’m not judging peeps who do eat this stuff. Food is food yo!
If you can eat it – good on you.
But my brain would not let me do so, NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!