The lazy cook strikes again!

Also the cheap-ass cook.
No pretty pics this time coz like MOST of my cooking experiments – its not so pretty. Tastes good (or just okay) but looks either acceptable….up to borderline “you want me to put that in my mouth?”. 😀

So the second last time i went shopping at Coles i bought some kangaroo steak coz of all the steaky-looking meats i saw – for the amount you get – the prices comparison seemed the best for that. I have never cooked it before but my theory is its a bit of hard can it be? Plus the interweb will guide me! 😀
Anyways I stuck it in the freezer when I got home with plans to use it sometime in the future when i craved meat!

Yesterday when I went shopping for the avocados and other stuff for the previous posts dins I also bought some corn coz I love corn and all you gotta do is boil it and its perfection!

With the kangaroo steak – I followed various things i saw online that said sear the kangaroo meat on both sides for 4 mins then let stand for another 4. It was pretty good…but the pieces i bought were kinda thick and i dont mind medium rare but chewing through really thick bits of pink meat sometimes makes me wanna hurl so i ended up cutting it up a bit as it cooked to make it thinner. It tasted just like any steak that just needs a bit of flavouring so next time i might ponder amarinade or something. I ended up using some of the left over sauce from last nights dinner (it was muchas garlicy!! YUM!) as a dipping sauce for some flavour. haha.

Now the corn. When i was younger i did what my family did – smeared margarine (or butter..but i dont like butter!!) on the corn then sprinkle a lil bit of salt on top…which was yummy. But then one day i didnt and IT WAS A REVELATION!!!!!!!!! IT DOES NOT NEED THE SALTINESS OF MARG OR SALT! ITS DELICIOUS ON ITS OWN!!!! I never added the extras again.
I cooked 2 cobs and i have 2 more in the fridge….how many days can i go without cooking them? THEY WERE SO YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knows whats wrong with me…cooking 2 days in a row? Thats some craziness!!!