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Korean noms

My best friend and I had korean noms while our other buddy was touring Europe. The amount of times my bestie and I have done something in a different country to our other friend on her birthday is getting ridiculous…. 😀 Madang has yummy noms for sure…. Quote from the post on insta: Errr happy B-Day chezza….hope you are having… Read more →

Instagram pics – Mothers Day

1. Am a bad daughter. Gift for mother is round-about gift for myself. Mum learns amigurumi…everyone wins. 2. Mum working hard on mothers day. 3. Sister, aunty and cous. I love these bitches. 4. Sister is a freak…. 5. The bro hard at work. 6. My nephew 7. And my neice….shes almost 6. And mutantly tall for her age. 8.… Read more →


Instead of excessive blogging I decided to have a lil nap last night – ended up sleeping a good 5 hours longer than i wanted to…nice. We also had a power outage so I woke up and no music coming from the computer! So not right!You know thats probably what eventually woke me up…my brain going ‘hey dude – something… Read more →