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Tuney Tuesday – Finesse (Remix)

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video] Soooo I am on this Discord server that has a fairly wide age range even though its quite small, but I am one of the oldies…so rude. One of the babies (in their last year of High School) shared this song the other day and my first comment was: haha… Read more →

Tuney Tuesday – Dust my Shoulders Off

Someone shared this video on tumblr about a week ago and I just had to get it on iTunes. The person who wrote the post was talking about how Jane Zhang is a popular CPop artist, but she had wanted to release an all English album but her record company wouldn’t get behind her so she created her own record… Read more →

Tuney Tuesday – Hello Bitches

God how long has it been since I posted here? Been distracted by many a thing which probably deserves another post sometime but god damn I am so obsessed with this song and I was all ‘hey its tuesday and i havent done a Tuney Tuesday forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So go worship the goddess CL and get back to me when you’re… Read more →

Tuney Tuesday: Come Back Home

So I havent done one of these forever! I finally made an effort on the weekend to check out 2ne1s new stuff from their new album. I am in a dilemma over this song…I really like it all except for that weird discordant thing after the chorus they do. It really annoys me!!! Its a great song apart from that!… Read more →

Tune-y Tuesday – Youth (the Amazing Sessions)

I was going through the old Frankie newsletters I had in my inbox checking out links before I deleted them and found this video. I went and listened to the normal version of this song and I actually like this one better. I want an mp3 of it damnit!! Daughter – Youth (The Amazing Sessions) from Amazing Radio on Vimeo. Read more →

Tune-y Tuesday ~ Stones and Sounds

Some mates of mine from Melbourne have a new single out! Its been on the triple j unearthed thingy for a few weeks and is available to download so its been on my new stuff playlist (in between copius hours of blue october). Tis very catchy. Check it out!!! Also, go check out Sheena (the lead singers) blog. Read more →

Tune-y Tuesday ~ Blue October

Soooo wow its been a while. In early August I started chatting with this guy and as always an important opening gambit was the ‘whats your fave book/movie/tvshow/music/etc’ convo. He said his favourite band at the moment was Blue October….who I had never heard of. T.T Now if I hadnt spent the last 10 years buried in a jpop/rock hole… Read more →

Tune-y Tuesday ~ I Love You

Havent done one for a while.

2ne1 have a new song out.

I find the video kinda boring and it distracted me from listening to the song (though i like Daras hair…and its so cute seeing Minzy all glammed up!! I do prefer when they are all wearing their ridiculous pop-punk gear to them all looking like glamour-pusses though).

But listening to the song without watching the vid I quite like it. And yay for minimal Bommies shouty-singing in this one!
Off to iTunes to see if its available!