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Tune-y Tuesday – Kiss Me

I dont think much in the world can top the awesome that is last weeks song. It still makes me giggle hysterically everytime I hear it!

ANYWAYS – so i think we all know i live on tumblr these days. And I have quite a few friends on there who are as nuts about Sherlock as I am, and who are so Cumberbatched its not funny. They are young things compared to me and are always sharing music that I know not at all. Which is nice…even though I dont actively seek out new music much anymore I do love when I discover something new that i love immediately.

Anyways a few weeks ago one of the girls shared Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. She was basically having a break down over it and how she relates to it and the Cumberbatch…poor thing. But its a beautiful song.

Tune-y Tuesday – PONPONPON

I missed Tune-y Tuesday last week and i have one min to get it this week – sheisse!!!!!!!!

I posted Kyarys other songs but not PONPONPON yet. I saw the vid for the first time the other week and i loooove it! LOL!

is it wrong that sometimes when she sings the “Every day pon / Every time is pon’ line i think she is saying porn instead of pon??

also i have perfected the ‘pon pon way way way….’bit. A sign i have now listened to this too many times!

Tune-y Tuesday – Candy Candy

I almost forgot again! ARGH! FAIL!!!!!!!! Oh well – nothing majorly new blowing me away….but y’all can enjoy the cracktastic adorbs that is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new song Candy Candy! Chewing chewing…chewing chewing chewing………gotta love those lyrics man. Why is she running with toast in her mouth? Is she like a puppy that just stole if off someone?? Kyary will… Read more →

Tune-y Tue… eer Wednesday – Blue

Forgot to do Tune-y Tuesday last 2 weeks! Last week I was too depressed. This week I fell asleep when I got home from work and didnt wake till 5:30am this morn. Oops!! Anyways – I would just wait till next week but ITS NEW FRACKING BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok – its not instant OMGAWD THAT IS FANTASTIC like I was… Read more →