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Tune-y Tuesday ~ Stones and Sounds

Some mates of mine from Melbourne have a new single out! Its been on the triple j unearthed thingy for a few weeks and is available to download so its been on my new stuff playlist (in between copius hours of blue october). Tis very catchy. Check it out!!! Also, go check out Sheena (the lead singers) blog. Read more →

You get him Jules!

Hello little blog. I have neglected you for a while. Since August I have been distracted. I missed all the fun of the build up of the Gangnam Style shenanigans. So tragic. But yes I felt like doing a couple of posts today. The first is about aussie politics. I just have to share this beautiful video of Julia Gillard… Read more →

Guess where i am? (the answer is not good)

omgawd. so i havent posted anything since november 20. thats ridiculous! there is so much, yet really SO little to share. MAJOR NEWS – i am back in australia already – i ran out of money GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways heres a run down of what happened snce my last post. most stuff will have no dates but the first thing i… Read more →

Smart thinking 99!

Omgawd the people running our state are on crack. Not only do they want to increase train fares astronomically, they want to stop manning stations AND get rid of guards on most of the fucking trains. Just read this shit! Do they KNOW how many looneys travel on CityRail???? I have never had to ask for help but I tell… Read more →

Liberal Party – please shut up and die!

Dear Liberal Party of Australia Every time you start having a go at the Labor Party to make some change you guys wouldnt have even considered during your 11 year tenure – you just look like utter wankers! Please crawl back in your hole and shut the fuck up!! kthx bai! ~rebecca The latest wankery? They have suggested Labor increase… Read more →

Ooh you union people are sooo naughty! You made premmie Iemma cry!

Next week Sydney is gonna be inundated with Catholic kiddies and that ugly Pope guy for World Youth Day (i liked the last Pope better!). Much like the Olympics – I dont give a damn unless its gonna affect me getting to work – cant get the time off chums. So I was a bit concerned about the news stories… Read more →

Who has got the pervert brain here?

Oh my god people! GET OVER IT ALREADY! I have already lectured my workmates about this when we first received the magazine about a week and a half ago and they were all ‘that is so wrong!'(shows how on the ball you news and govt morons are). So recently there was a big drama in australia because this artist was… Read more →