Twilight stole my brain

anyways so re my twilight fangirling, if anyone is interested. i am totally team jacob. I LOVE JACOB!!
when i read the last chapter of Eclipse (its written from Jacobs point of view and his lil heart is broken) i swear i wept for 10 minutes. i was so upset for him. i adore him.

but i wanna make it clear i am totally a edward/bella shipper. to me jacob and bella will only ever be friends.

anyways in the last two weeks i have become a little besotted with jasper and alice and of all the pairings in the twi-verse…they are my favourite. i LOVE the character alice sooo much. and i think jasper is awesome.
and omgawd is jackson rathbone adorable or WHAT???????????????? its just not right – i am an old lady – i shouldnt be crushing on these younguns!

heres a lil vid he made for MTV of himself and his band. check out his eyes….dreamy eyes…… i need help!
i would like to apologise to jacksons mother for my shameful behaviour!