Hi – my name is Rebecca.

I have been making websites and fan pages online since 1996. I tend to go through obsessions for a few years then move on. In the past I have had fansites for Xena, the Mayfairs (Anne Rices Witches series)  Milla Jovovich, Buffy, a gallery full of DA (Daisuke Asakura) family pictures, plus galleries of my own photos/drawings/wallpapers and I also made mini sites for Kate Winslet, Val Kilmer, and probably heaps of other people I have forgotten!

These days I am much too lazy to run sites for things I love – I just reblog a bazillion things about them on Tumblr! :D

But I love my domain name (it was from a line in an Anne McCaffrey book …the full line was “Happy endings suck the galactic muffin” – I swear I sat there laughing for 5 minutes the first time I read it!)

I recently moved hosts and because they have automated things to set up things like WordPress I thought I would also install it to run the front end of my domain! See – laziness! :D

Anyways I have to have this quote on my site somewhere – its always been on one of my personal sites as long as I have had one.

stone and sea are deep in life,
two unalterable symbols of the world :
permanence at rest, and permanance in motion;
participants in the Power that remains

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