Wow - I finally did it. I used Cornerhost forever it seems but I have finally moved to a new host. My sites still worked ok on Cornerhost but even for me it seemed to be running very slowly, and communication was always a bit touch and go so I decided to switch. I had bugged my longest online friend Firda a while ago about who she was using and she told me Namecheap, I had a look and they seem pretty affordable with lots of stuff included - so finally after some procrastination here I am!!

It took me a few days to figure stuff out. My blog Day 17 is still where it always is but i decided to be lazy and have wordpress also run the front page of my site. I did think about trying out Joomla or Drupal instead but I wussed out! :D

Anyways a lot of the old directories on my site no longer exist because I havent uploaded them, so sorry if you drop by looking for the old DA family gallery.

And omg - I am so in love with this Wordpress theme. I may even upgrade to the paid version. Its sooo pretty! :D Its called Origami, and I am still messing about with the options trying things out. AT least I still get to use the silly new header image I made for when I moved. I liked the fonts so I wanted to keep it if possible.

My Flickr

Lighting somewhat better at work.. #bluehair
Blue hair again. Light in this house always makes it look darker than it is tho. #nofilter #bluehair
It seems my bed is bow an acceptable hang out spot.


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