Tuney Tuesday – #ThisCouldBeUs

Y’all have a problem with 2 boys kissing you need to leave now. Kthxbai.

So todays song is #ThisCouldBeUs by Doug Locke. And this song is not new BUT ITS NEW TO ME!!!!

Someone shared the video on Tumblr last week and while I was all ‘yay boys kissing and isnt this sweet?’ I thought the song was catchy enough that I immediately went and bought it off iTunes. Actually I have a heap of songs I have done that with recently – maybe I should implement a regular Tuney Tuesday to share some of ’em. 😀

BUT ANYWAYS!! What I need to share other than this being a catchy song is I made it through the first viewing fine BUT EVERY time I have watched the video since I cry at the end. My lil heart breaks…the poor guy leaving and the way the other guy looks after him kind of confused and conflicted. Imma die now!!! Excuse me while I just go watch it again and cry some more.

Also Dougs voice is gorgeous. Please put out more music sir!!!!!!!!!!!