Tune-y Tuesday – I am the Best

Just realised when I first shared my sudden epiphany over liking kpop months ago I didnt share this song. Probably because on first listen I didnt like it…but then it grew on me and now its one of my faves.

2ne1 ~ I am the Best

The only korean words I can say with any confidence are Naega jeil jal naga (thats the song title in korean and if you watched you may have noticed gets repeated a lot of times 😀 ).

I also have a chunk of this song as my ringtone on my fone at the moment. Has been since before November. 😀

Anyways 2ne1 are probably my fave kpop girl artists. They are a bit more feisty and ‘fuck you son’ than the other groups. I like that. 😀

Anyway – for some of you more old skool kids out there – did you spot the Misfits (band) skull on various clothes they wore? I have seen other kpop musicians wearing them too. I dont know what to worry about more – Glenn Danzig having an aneurysm when he sees them OR Glenn Danzig flying to Korea and killing some adorbs kpop stars in a fit of rage.