Gastro Park

Last night my folks came for a visit coz they wanted to see me before i went on my trip. We went out for dinner. Didn’t really have a plan on where to go but as we walked up Roslyn st dad eyed this place I walk past everyday that I have always wanted to go in. It looked a bit too classy for me though so I never had. The building it was in was featured in a design mag we got at work a few months ago. I geeked out when i saw the pics coz i love the building.
Anyways so the place was called Gastro Park and the food was awesome. Everything I had was delicious. I can’t recall the full names of everything but i did get a pic of part of the menu. I know my entree had foie gras, my main had the Jurassic quail (what the heck is Jurassic about it? It sure was yummy) and a chocolate and honeycomb thing for dessert.
Was telling my workmate about it and she said she has read about the place on food blogs and wants to go.  I was just happy to try out the cool place i walk past every day, but this makes it even more awesome.
Waiters were all cute and charming too!!! FTW!!!!!

Anyways sorry for the crappy picsof the food. Was kinda dim so I had to use my cameras flash. Am sad I didnt get a pic of my entre….