Dear Australian Media,

I’ve said it many times and I am sure I will say it again in the future – but can you please fuck off!

I dont know any more about Dale Begg-Smith than you guys but the way he was talking after he won the silver was EXACTLY how he spoke when he won gold at the last olympics. SO he’s not super chatty, he doesnt go in for the excessive wankery you guys seem to love and which makes me sick and HATE to watch sports shows or the sports segments in news. Leave the guy alone already. he got a fricking medal! A silver! HAVE YOU GOT A FUCKING OLYMPIC MEDAL ARSEHOLES????????????


I also cant stand channel 9s olympic coverage shit at night. i LOATHE Eddie MacGuire and they way he goes on about crap. gawd i wanna slap him. i avoid watching channel 9 as much as possible but if i wanna see some olympic stuff i HAVE to watch. is a cruel fate! i dont wanna spend hours streaming stuff off the internet. but maybe i should just to stick it to Nine. 😀