Tune-y Tue… eer Wednesday – Blue

Forgot to do Tune-y Tuesday last 2 weeks! Last week I was too depressed. This week I fell asleep when I got home from work and didnt wake till 5:30am this morn. Oops!!

Anyways – I would just wait till next week but ITS NEW FRACKING BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok – its not instant OMGAWD THAT IS FANTASTIC like I was with Love Song and Haru Haru – but its a nice mellow tune. Gonna go read the lyrics.
I think they chose wisely for their comeback single. After the dramas of the last year (G-D getting caught with drugs and Daesungs terrible car accident) I think peeps in asia might have frowned a wee bit if it had been sonme kind party anthem.

And YAY! T.O.P. (the rapper in this song) is my fave and the one i think is the cutest (lol yes – i am that sad), but the second cutest in my eyes – Seungri is mostly singing the chorus! The songs I know well – usually Taeyang or G-D are the lead vocal on the chorus.

Also – wtf Taeyang with the bandanas around your head? WWWWHHHHYYYY???????????? :D

[edit] next day update. yeah i am having a brain drain everyday it seems….just remembered i bought other songs by them on the aussie iTunes Music store – so just went and purchased Blue. :D