Tuney Tuesday: Come Back Home

So I havent done one of these forever!

I finally made an effort on the weekend to check out 2ne1s new stuff from their new album.

I am in a dilemma over this song…I really like it all except for that weird discordant thing after the chorus they do. It really annoys me!!! Its a great song apart from that!
Either i will grow to love it despite that or I wont listen to it long term…..or maybe I will get some crappy sound editing program and see how it sounds when i chop it out! I have taken such extreme measures before! 😀

On Sunday I downloaded the new album Crush from iTunes and it does have an unplugged version without that annoying part of the song, but I want the normal version without the dodgy bit! Why are you so cruel to me pop-gods?
There is also a rap by CL in the middle of the video that isnt in the album version but IS in the the acoustic version. Good lord confusing much?

Annyways, in the strange ways of kpop – they released another song a few days later called Happy. Its a cute video and a nice lil song too. 😀