Tune-y Tuesday – Crayon

I dont understand what YG is doing. Bigbang and now with GD – releasing the videos for a bunch of songs in quick succession. Dont you know how this is supposed to work guys? You stagger it over a series of months so those who are not hard core fans that didnt buy the album when it first came out might be reminded ‘oh yeah i want to buy that’ when the next single comes out. I no understand you crazy koreans!!

Anyways – lil G-Dragon has put 3 songs (that I am aware of) out recently. This is probably my fave. I like the ‘Why So serious’ thing, and him dressing as a girl – lol. And i hope i am right in assuming the line ‘get your Crayon’ is supposed to be cray (as in crazy)???

Anyways as well as not understanding the korean music industry, i no understand these kids fashion. I am getting old.