Tune-y Tuesday ~ Blue October

Soooo wow its been a while.

In early August I started chatting with this guy and as always an important opening gambit was the ‘whats your fave book/movie/tvshow/music/etc’ convo. He said his favourite band at the moment was Blue October….who I had never heard of. T.T

Now if I hadnt spent the last 10 years buried in a jpop/rock hole I might have actually heard of them, but yeah – my music brain has been focused elsewhere and western music only impeded if someone introduced me to something or it was just so hugely popular that you couldnt miss it.

So I asked this guy to suggest some songs I could go look up on Youtube. He suggested a few (Hate me, Come in closer, 18th floor balcony, Say it) and I thought they were pretty good, a few I liked a lot, but while I was there I was clicking around watching other stuff and I saw this song.

Dear lord. I went off at this poor chap coz this song killed me. That night I know I played that vid more than 10 times just going omgaaaawd.
A few days later I wrote in an email “I have had an unhealthy obsession the last 2 days with that The Feel Again (Stay) song. he is just flaying me with his voice man. i found this video yesterday of him performing it live and it was amaaaaaaaazing. poor guy was crying at the end of it. gawd if i had been in the audience i would have joined him.”

Heres that vid by the way. frack its even more killer than the official video.

So since then been slowly listening to more of their songs.

I cried the first time I saw the video for Hate Me (about his mum)

and this weekend I finally saw the video for Worry List which i squawked at the end of coz of the bit with his little girl.

ANYWAYS so i got some songs off iTunes on that first day and I have ordered a few albums from Amazon (because 1 the only CD i have found in JB so far is Approaching Normal and 2 WTF AUSSIE ITUNES STORE? WHY YOU NO HAVE ANY MAN IN AMERICA?).

Anyways I was listening to Approaching Normal a bit incessantantly on the weekend and today I was chatting to the guy who introduced me to them and saying the album name is a wee bit of a misnomer.
The lead singer Justin Furstenfeld has been through some hard times and he puts it all into his lyrics, and when they were recording Approaching Normal i think i read that his marriage was breaking up.
So the second last song on the cd is this sweet, lovely song about his daughter Blue called Blue Does.
then the last song is called The End – its a very fucking angry song about him finding his woman sleeping with someone else and killing her, the lover and himself.

I really dont know what measure of ‘normal’ lil Justin is using here…. o.O

Thats me being a sarcastic dork if you missed it.

Anyways….I am going to be a dork next month and go see them live. If you know anything about their touring schedule and also where I live you will understand why this is me being a dork. I will share more after I have seen them y’all.

So yeah, thanks to my buddy Jose for introducing them to me.