Hey. I seem to get a lot of referals about the mapcrunch game looking for tips.

One search term was something like “how do you know you’ve won the game?” – when you reach an airport you have won. There is no other glory than that. LD

I think some places would be tricky. Imagine if you were plonked on the island of Miyajima in Japan. You would never win coz the only way off the island is by boat.
So yeah if you land somewhere like a super small island in Hawaii or something…start over coz you’re screwed.

Anyways…so some tips.

First tip…obviously try and figure out where you are.
Look for road signs. You may not understand the words but unless its Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek or Russian-type languages you should be able to search on Google if its a place name, or Google translate if its something else. Even those countries I listed are lkely to include some English in their signage.

Second tip. Decide now if you are willing to get outside help or not.
I wont use Google maps to guide me but as I said in my first post about the game – I have used wikipedia to find out what airports the country I am in has.
So if any of the cities I have been seeing on road signs are listed in that list – well i continue onto them.

Some basic geography knowledge is good. I am glad it was one of the subjects I enjoyed in school. 😀

Also – take breaks…it gets real boring clicking down some random stretch of road.

If you have questions – if my comments are working leave me some…I cant really think of anything else helpful.