Final Fantasy 9

and finally the other thing i did yesterday before i came home was buy Final fantasy 9 (AT LAST) and a pre-owned copy of SoulBlade.

SoulBlade was the first playstation game i ever played and i have been telling my sister that there was a copy in the pre-owned bin at Electronic Boutigque down in penrith for a while now and she keeps telling me to buy it but i have usually not had enough money. so woohoo!

but i havent played it again yet because i have been drooling over ff9! its cute! its beautiful! i love it. and i am only up to the bit where i am wandering around a village called Dali. 🙂

when i saw pictures from the game i wasnt sure if i would like little Vivi but at the beginning of the game you wander around Alexandria finding all sorts of things and i fell in love with him. he’s so cute!
one part of Alexandria – well in a lot of places you saw pigieons (or some kind of bird) flying around, and in one of the screens the birds would land on the ground and would fly if if you walked up to them, and then land somewhere else and it just made me goo “ooh how sweet!”.

yes – i know – i’m pathetic! and i still havent finished the previous two games! I am soooo lame!

i was looking at Square Europe‘s website before and they have this thing to register and one of the things with registering was asking if you had played any of a list of Squaresoft games – which included games like Legend of Mana, Xenogears and Chrono Cross – games that are not available for people in Europe or Australia UNLESS you buy imported games and have a playstation that can play them…MORONS!