Spooks s8e01 recap...or Lucas North - Hot dude!

So I was gonna have a few caps with silly comments from the first ep of Season 8 of Spooks as my Photo Friday post the other week but as I was doing it, it grew and grew till i had stuff from the whole ep and it almost has a dorky storyline to it. SO i ended up just posting a few of the caps on my blog with no comments and deciding to make a page just for my stupidness! Read on people - read on!!/

Lucas thinks: Wow Harry's in trouble. I will look serious and touch my neck coz this is srs business! Wow I bet the more enthusiatic AA peeps are super jealous of my hand right now!

Lucas: Ros, its time to accept I am the hottest piece of ass on the grid, and lets get on with saving Harry ok? Geez!

Lucas thinks: Dude - could my job BE any cooler? Flirting with a chick doing a bad american accent over some dead russians corpse in a morgue? Aww yeah! This chick totally wants to do me!

This is Richards 'i hear what you are saying but i am not liking it' face which is preceeded by a lil head tilt. I have seen it before Richard! Coz I pay far too much attention to every thing you do. Remember - ME=mental!

Lucas thinks: I really am quite devilishly handsome...all this doom and gloom is making me quite sad. I think I might just pop out on the street and see if I can make some ladies swoon. I've seen James Bond...thats what we spies are supposed to do when we arent saving the world!

Lucas thinks: If I put my serious face on maybe they wont notice I changed my shirt. Note to self, next time I decide to help my fellow countrywomen - wear a raincoat! I have seen some horrible things in my life but the drooling I just witnessed - dear lord!

Richard: The cameraman said he wanted a quick close up of the profile - have at it cowboy!

Lucas: Am back in my nice dark shirt again. Continuity error or did a few days pass? Coz i am gonna be back in the tight blue thing again shortly! I do look nice though dont I ladies?

Richard: ...and see this is just one of the many fansites about me. Did you know I have an Army of women following me? Its pretty cool! No, honest! I am not scared of them or anything.... O.o

Richard: They made Guy and Allan do what?

Lucas: I changed my shirt again. Its time for more serious 'lets find out whats happened to Harry' stuff! Magic mirror said I looked nice though!

Lucas: So you are telling me Harry is the alpha-male around here? You're making me question everything here Ruth, EVERYTHING!

Lucas thinks: Time for annoyed face. Coz I am annoyed. Who is this crazy woman??

Ros storms out as Lucas starts to sulk.

Lucas: Hey Ros, sorry about that. I was just a bit surprised. I mean am I not alpha-male material? Seriously look at me! Am I not working this and every other shirt I have worn since Harry was taken? Look into my eyes......yes Lucas, you are alpha-male materi...
Ros: Jedi mind tricks dont work on me Lucas.
Lucas pouts.
Go talk to that woman with the dodgy accent again pls.

Lucas: So I am doing a quick poll around the different agencies worldwide - do you think i am alpha male material?

Sarah: Sorry dude, we americans need coffee before we can answer any questions of that nature.
Lucas: But I look hot in these clothes right?
Sarah: Sure, whatever.

Lucas: You can continue drinking your coffee or whatever but its a biological imperative that I charm and/or smoulder at a woman at least a dozen times a day so excuse me while I do so.

Ros: I've just received these reports from our internal security that you have been wasting time attempting to charm random women on the street, changing your clothes every scene and preening in the bathrooms making sure your stubble is just right instead of working to save Harry. What have you got to say for yourself?
Lucas: I was tortured and locked away in a russian prison for eight years and I have some issues?
Ros: Get back to work or you'll learn the true meaning of torture. Go talk to that american wench again or something and if you flirt make sure you get something because of it!

Lucas thinks: No one understands me. And just because I am so devastaingly gorgeous why do i have to be the honey-trap for this CIA bird? I am so saving Harry! If Ros was the boss I'd have to quit!

Sarah: Hmm...looks like he has a nice ass. I suppose I should be nice to him.

Lucas: So if i give you a Thornton look will you tell me something helpful? i have a very scary bosslady who will either castrate me or worse if i dont return with something.

Lucas accidently starts smouldering and finally she succumbs to his powers.

Lucas: I used my charms, and while you bitches doubted me, I got the info we needed! I feel I have a right to have a little smug moment here thx!

Lucas: What was that ladies? You really wanted to get in my pants all along? Sorry girls - gotsta go save Harry! Maybe another time eh?

Important safety message. Driving is srs business! Always wear your seatbelt.
We have install new devices to track if you arent. When you dont - we will shoot lazers at you from space! Follow Lucas Norths good example people!

Lucas: This is my game face. I am about to kick some serious ass!!!!!!!

Its our favourite spy...ready to take you evil doers DOWN!

Lucas: I have a gun and I look hot when I hold it. Stand down evil doers, stand down!

Harry: Lucas like totally saved me! What were the rest fo you doing?
Lucas: Thanks Harry - it was nothing!
Ros mutters: Jesus christ!

and a little while later

Its okay ladies, theres enough Lucas for everybody! No need to fight over me. Lets go have a drink somewhere and discuss how this is going to work....

Ros: You touch me again and your ability to procreate will be removed.
Lucas: Aww come on...you totally want it!
Ros mutters: I wonder if the russians would want him back.


Lucas wears that fetching blue top again!

Lucas smoulders at someone!

And Lucas runs from a large group of excited women!

yes people - i may have too much time on my hands. thanks you! :D

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